By Britney Harris

With 50 states in total, there are at least 50 new things that tourists can discover by making the United States their vacation destination. While Los Angeles, Hawaii, and New York are all exciting places to visit, there is a lot more to the U.S. than these popular vacation spots. Each of the 50 states has unique cultural or environmental characteristics that set them apart from the other 49. You can find out more about the wonderful destinations in each of the 50 states at

In this issue of American View, we highlight the states of Colorado, Arizona, and Virginia in order to spread the word about some delightful tourist destinations that are not as well known as the major cities and resort areas.

The climate across the U.S. can vary depending on location; therefore, each season manifests differently in different regions of the U.S. Tourists can experience climates from the scorching desert in Arizona to the ice caps in Alaska, and everything in between.

However, climate is not the only characteristic that distinguishes these three states from the other 47. As you will see, these places are different from the island paradise of Hawaii or the hustle and bustle of New York and Los Angeles. A visit to Colorado, Arizona, or Virginia will give you new insight into what America is all about. You will want to experience firsthand their cultural treasures, natural beauty, and friendly people.

Britney Harris was the Press Office 2012 summer intern at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. She is a senior at Seton Hall University in New Jersey and majors in International Relations and Diplomacy. She minors in Asian Studies, Economics, and Public Relations.