How much money do movies take in at the US box office?
In 2006, the US movie industry’s box-office receipts totaled $25.82 billion, with just over one-third of that, $9.49 billion, coming from domestic audiences and the rest from international audiences.

How many films are released each year in the US?
Some 599 films were released in the US in 2006.

Has movie attendance been affected by DVDs and other new technologies?
The film fans who watch movies at home are still going to theaters. Those people with access to four or more alternative means of watching movies (DVD players, satellite TV, etc.) go to a theater to see a movie an average of about 10 times per year. By contrast, those persons with fewer than four alternative means of watching movies go to the theater to see a film an average of seven times a year.

How many movie tickets are sold in the US each year?
A record of nearly 1.5 billion movie tickets were sold in 2006.

Source for above statistics: (PDF)

What kind of environmental activities are Hollywood movie companies engaging in, and what have been the effects?
Warner Bros. Studios is implementing a comprehensive program intended to help protect the environment. This results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through such means as the use of solar energy and the purchase of carbon offsets.* The company is also working to reduce waste, to use environmentally friendly materials, and to raise environmental awareness. This program has allowed Warner Bros. to save enough energy annually to power about 500 homes for an entire year and to prevent the emission of some 6,471 tons of greenhouse gases annually. Source:

* Note: Carbon offsets are a means by which individuals, companies, or countries can directly or indirectly absorb in a separate location the carbon dioxide emissions they have produced. Common methods including tree planting, forest-conservation efforts, and clean-energy projects.