By Noelani Kirschner

Artist Rebecca Moses paints the portraits of nurses at a New York City hospital to honor and commemorate their hard work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

What began as a “Stay Home Sisters” series — which centered around the worldwide “powerful stories of how women have coped and continue to cope in such extraordinary times,” the artist says — turned into a way to honor heroic and selfless women in Moses’s backyard.

The connections made through the first series, “led me to one of the sisters, Linda Valentino, who works as a senior vice president of nursing at Mount Sinai Hospital,” says Moses. “After our connection, she reached out to me [to see] if there was a way I could help celebrate the nurses. And that is how I created the 46 portraits that I endowed to the hospital to say ‘thank you.'”

An exhibition of the colorful artworks opened at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City in December 2020 and will travel to seven hospital sites through July 2021.

Banner image: A collage of the 46 portraits of Mount Sinai nurses by Rebecca Moses on view at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City (© Rebecca Moses)