Who's Who of U.S. Ambassadors Bio of Amb. Kennedy


  1. Ms Kennedy sounds like a good choice.

  2. Welcome to Tokyo,H.E.Ambassador Kennedy.You have been in Tokyo for two months from mid November.We,all Japanese can share of freedom,democracy, and rule of law.Also Prime Minister comitted.Please You don’t mind about Japanese emosion.It’s OK soon.
    Then Tom, best regard.

  3. Johanna Niedermeier says:

    Ms Kennedy,
    thank you so much for raising your voice for the captived dolphins in Taiji. I hope so much that the Government of Japan will react and finally stop this cruel hunting. The world hears you, Ms Kennedy. Thank you and dont stop please!!!

    Johanna Niedermeier
    Berlin, Germany

  4. It’s fine WHO’s WHO! Many dear old benefactor for Japan! Ambassador Mondale, Tom Foley, Baker, Scheffer,and recent Jhon.V.Roos.Also appreciate to Mike Mansfield,long-term ambassadorship more than 10 years been in Tokyo.